Friday, May 22, 2009

More on BooBoo's Letter...

"The mother is the end - a finger in all the arts and sees a good Jungian man twice a week..."

Much is made of Seymour's mother-in-law to be and her therapist.

In If You Really Want to Hear About It John Updike says:

"Few writers since Joyce would risk such a wealth of words upon events that are purely internal and deeds that are purely talk. We live in a world, however, when the decisive deed may invite the holocaust, and Salinger's conviction that our inner lives greatly matter particularly qualifies him to sing of an America where, for most of us, there seems little to do but feel." (Crawford, 122)

It's clear that Salinger's interest is in the internal and given his time and circumstance Jung seems a much more appropriate fit than Freud.

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