Thursday, September 10, 2009

Criticism on Franny and Zooey

Critical Reception Information from eNotes

The New York Review of Books - Justice to JD Salinger

Updike and Salinger: A Literary incident

An MLA IB Search for "Zooey" (in English, and peer-reviewed) yielded fewer results than expected though additional items were attainable on the web and if looking through Dissertation Abstracts.

One article by Alfred Kazin entitled "JD Salinger: Everybody's Favorite" is cited by 5 others on Google Scholar:

[BOOK] In Search of JD Salinger: A Writing Life
I Hamilton - 1988 - Random House Inc
Cited by 22 - Related articles - All 2 versions

[BOOK] Die Initiationsreise: Studien zum Jugendlichen Helden im modernen amerikanischen Roman, …
P Freese - 1971 - K. Wachholtz
Cited by 1 - Related articles - Library Search - All 2 versions

[CITATION] " Raise High the Roof Beam, Carpenters
B Glass - A Reader's Guide to JD Salinger, 2002 - Greenwood Press
Related articles

[BOOK] Dong Wu wen shi xue bao
東吳大學 - 1978 - 東吳大學
Related articles - All 2 versions

[BOOK] Kritische Rezeption und stilistische Interpretation von JD Salingers Erzählprosa: Studien …
K Ortseifen - 1979 - Peter Lang Publishing
Related articles

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